5C. Blue

"You seem down, Rose. What's wrong?"
Nightmares about the toy room.
"Hey come here. Look, you're shaking! Tell me what's wrong, huh?"
Ducks and the cows, just turn my head to the wall.
"Just let me hold you, here-"
He's got a strap in his hand and a mean look in his eye.
"Shh, shh. It'll all be ok."
I heard them fighting. Now Momma's quiet. Soon I'll be quiet too.
"What're you doing, you stupid little brat?"
Scott just go away.
"You din't hear nothin'. Stop crying!"
It's just work, that's all. I work too much, I care too much about my patients.
"I said be quiet! Stop crying!"
Don't touch me just go, okay? I need to be alone.
"You weak like your momma? It takes a man to make something of a woman."
No I appreciate the gesture, Scott but...maybe you should just go.
"A man and a lash. Get over here!"
Rose, I just want to help.
"Don't make me ask you twice!"
Why can't you just let someone help you?
His hand, bruising my arm.
Just go, please!
His knee, hard against my chest.
Just go!
Ducks and cows, shame tears, the taste of his belt on my skin.